Shuaian Wang
Professor Wang is currently an Associate Professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). His research interests include shipping network design, port operations planning, urban transport network modeling, sustainable transportation and green logistics, and supply chain management. Since 2011, Dr. Wang has published over 90 papers in SCI/SSCI journals such as Transportation Research Part B, Transportation Science, IISE Transactions, Naval Research Logistics, and European Journal of Operational Research, with H-index=21 in Web of Science and H-index=26 in Google Scholar. Dr. Wang dedicates to rethinking and proposing innovative solutions to improve the efficiency of maritime and urban transportation systems, to promote environmental friendly and sustainable practices, and to transform business and engineering education.

Wang is/was editor, associate editor, guest editor, and editorial board members of six international journals, including Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal (SCI, impact factor: 1.857) , Transportation Research Part B (SCI/SSCI, impact factor: 3.769) , Transportation Research Part E (SCI/SSCI, impact factor: 2.279) , Transportation Research Record (SCI) , Transportation Letters (SCI/SSCI), International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics (SCI).
Shouyang Wang
Shouyang Wang, Professor of Systems Science at the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a specialist in Systems Engineering and Management Science & Engineering. Wang was the vice President of the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Sciences, CAS from 2003-2017. Since 2006, Wang has also been the Director of Center for Forecasting Science, CAS.

Wang has made outstanding achievements in the area of decision analysis, financial risk management, economic monitoring and early warning decision support system, R&D of supply chain collaborative virtual business innovation service platform, systems engineering theory methodology and the development of the discipline. He has published 32 monographs (including 16 English monographs published in Springer and Taylor & Francis Press). He has published more than 360 papers in international academic journals, in which more than 340 papers are indexed by SCI/SSCI with over 5400 citations by other SCI/SSCI papers. As the lead, he submited more than 180 research reports to the Central Committee and the State Council, of which more than 90 reports got the important instructions by national leaders, and some policy suggestions were adopted by the government.

Wang is/was editor, field editor, associate editor, and editorial board members of 12 international journals and 9 domestic journals, including Energy Economics and Information and Management. He has won the first prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award (Natural Science Award) at the ministerial and provincial-level 4 times, the second prize 6 times, and third prize 3 time. He has won a lot of other prize at home and abroad, such as Fudan Management Excellence Award and Jr. Scott Award, and so on. In 2010, he was elected an academician of IASCYS. In 2011, he was elected into the membership of TWAS.